[Perevesti] – Who are we?

“Perevesti” is Russian for translate. The persons behind the name are Dr. Alexandra Berlina and Dr. Pavel Sirotkin, translators and interpreters from Düsseldorf.

Our working languages are RussianEnglish and German.

Our services include:

  • consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
  • translations from and into German, Russian and English (including creative translations e.g. of slogans, advertisements and literary texts)

The two of us have much in common:

  • We are trilingual, as we both come from Moscow and have spent most of our lives in Germany and the UK. This enables us to translate into three languages: German, Russian and English.
  • We both have excellent graduate degrees in philological subjects.
  • We work quickly, discreetly, thoroughly – and, if the occasion calls for it, creatively. We are punctual, responsible and we love our work.
  • We have been working as translators and interpreters since 2001.

There are some differences, though. Both of us work with all topics, but Alexandra is especially interested in literary translation, including poetry translation, while Pavel specializes in technical and business interpreting.

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