Our working languages are RussianEnglish and German.

We offer:

  • interpreting services
    • simultaneous/conference interpreting
      As the name suggests, used mainly at conferences. The interpretation occurs simultaniously with the speaker’s presentation (again, the name gives it away). Usually, special equipment is used.
    • consecutive interpreting
      The most common type of interpreting. After a few phrases, the speaker makes a pause which gives the interpreter the opportunity to do his job.
    • whispered interpreting
      In between simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, this mainly occurs when one party mostly listens and hardly talks. The interpreter requires no pauses, but also no special equipment; instead, he whispers to the client.
  • translation services
    • technical translation
      As defined by the present classification, the category of “technical documents” includes documentation, specifications and technical reports.
    • business translation
      Whereas, “Trilinguals” (subsequently referred to as Contractor) commits itself to a high standard of quality, speed and confidentiality in translating the Client’s contracts, correspondence, and any further documents entrusted to it.
    • promotional translation
      Don’t miss this opportunity! We’ll translate your flyers, ads and slogans – guaranteed!
    • literary translation (prose and poetry)
      The translation shall inherit all the literary merit; texts will not turn for the worse even if they are in verse.
  • other services
    • representation services
      You need information available at a trade fair, but you cannot come yourself? We will visit the fair, collect the needed documents, conduct preliminary talks and distribute your business cards.
    • editing services
      Your text is finished, but you would like some stylistic checking? You are not sure if the author or translator did a good enough job? We will edit texts in German, Russian and (on a case-by-case basis) English.
    • proofreading services
      Your text has no typos, or, errors in punctuation or gramma – or has it? We shall catch any lingering errors and dispose of them in an environmentally responsible manner.
    • ghostwriting
      You need to write a paper or thesis, but you don’t have the time or the skill? Please don’t ask us. We will be happy to edit or proofread your text, but we won’t write it for you.

Our prices depend on the scope, complexity and urgency of work. But they are often lower than those of our competitors:

  • You do not need to pay middlemen or agency fees.
  • We do not charge travel expenses for jobs in Düsseldorf or the surrounding cities (Cologne, Essen, Dortmund etc.)

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    101 reviews on
    Friederike Buchinger
    Friederike Buchinger
    7. April, 2023.
    Alexandra Berlina hat mir bereits mehrfach sehr schnell und sehr kompetent mit ihrem Fachwissen zur Seite gestanden. Die Zusammenarbeit ist jedes Mal ein großes Vergnügen - inhaltlich absolut fundiert und zuverlässig und menschlich einfach nur toll!
    Igor Neander Bar Knuckle
    Igor Neander Bar Knuckle
    12. March, 2023.
    Very professional translation and responsible approach. Many thanks.
    Mark Lipovetsky
    Mark Lipovetsky
    28. February, 2023.
    Alexandra Berlina is the best translator I've ever worked with. She is thorough, inventive, widely erudite. Working with her is like working with the translator and editor simultaneously. I highly recommend her for texts in humanities, scholarly or artistic.
    31. January, 2023.
    Thanks to Alexandra Berlina for a wonderful translation
    Юлия Ш
    Юлия Ш
    22. January, 2023.
    Я любитель поэт с недельным стажем)) «Мой» муза не понимает по-русски, текст переводили на немецкий. Я восхищена, мы восхищены, перевести стих с одного языка на другой, это фактически написать новый. Александра прочувствовала меня ❤️ Скажу честно, у немецких поэтов столь красивых стихов не видела, всегда считала немецкий техническим языком . Спасибо, Александра и до очередного сотрудничества.
    Aligeidar Tagiev
    Aligeidar Tagiev
    24. December, 2022.
    Für mein zukünftiges Buch habe ich eine Übersetzerin gesucht, die meine russischen Gedichte in die deutsche Lyrik übersetzt. Nach langer Suche und verschiedenen Anläufen freue ich mich, dass ich die Übersetzerin Alexandra Berlina gefunden habe. Ich freue mich über die durchaus anspruchsvolle Übersetzungsleistung und möchte daher gerne mit Alexandra mein komplettes Buchproekt umsetzen.
    nick teplov
    nick teplov
    16. December, 2022.
    Our commission was rather specific, we asked to translate a collection of traditional folk songs for a film project. A job that requires much literary talent. The result was both precise and artistic. I should also mention that it has arrived much ahead of time. Highly recommended!
    Ulrich Bäder
    Ulrich Bäder
    18. November, 2022.
    Schnell, zuverlässig, perfekt übersetzt. Besser geht es nicht. Vielen Dank!
    irina moessle
    irina moessle
    18. November, 2022.
    Vielen Dank!! Es war wunderbar, interessant und spannend zu sehen wie meine Texte anfingen auf deutsch zu leben. Frau Berlina hat nicht nur übersetzt, sie erkannte auch den Rhythmus und die richtige Intonation und gab es weiter, was meine Texte sehr lebendig machte.
    Joseph M.
    Joseph M.
    13. October, 2022.
    Frau Berlina arbeitete zügig und ausgezeichnet beim Lektorieren eines englischen wissenschaftlichen Textes. Auf Rückfragen gab sie schnelle Rückmeldungen und verwies nach Möglichkeit immer auf entsprechende Literatur. Ich würde Frau Berlina weiterempfehlen.