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Yay, we finally have 20 Google ratings! Customer recommendations are a good way to assess translation quality, and for us, the evaluations of our work as translators and interpreters are our favourite reading matter, as 20 out of 20 have awarded us 5 stars. Let me go through the references that also include a commentary (I translate the foreign-language ones; you can find the names of the clients and the original reviews at


“Very professional, fast and reliable! Many thanks for the productive cooperation!”

by an employee of the German-Russian Exchange Service, for whom I translated brochures about discrimination in Ukraine from German into Russian and English, and then edited the layout


“Everything Alexandra translated for me was not only well translated, but also – for me it was about literary texts – very carefully and creatively”.

Poetry translations from Russian into German; very atmospheric poems: not only the rhymes, the meter and the content but also the mood was particularly important.


“This is not the first time that Alexandra Berlina has worked on small, but, for me, very important translations. She is one of the few translators for whom translation is not just a craft but an art. Her texts read in one breath, like poems. She transforms the reality of a language exactly into another language. The translation is often better than the original. When I read her translations of my texts, I think in surprise: “Am I that smart?” Thank you very much for your work!”

This customer is simply too nice. But I really do try, when appropriate, to make the translation even more effective than the original – for example, in advertising copy. In this case, I was the profile of a musician was to be translated into German for advertising purposes.


“True to the original! Great translation! Thank you.”

This was also about the translation of poems (from Russian into German).


“Alexandra is delightful to work with: savvy, sharp, witty, thoughtful, concerned, gracious. There’s not a moment when I doubt her commitment to a project, which says quite a lot in the book editing field. Thank you, Alex!”

As this generous customer says, this was about editing a book, an autobiography in English.


“I thank Alexandra Berlina for the quality of her competent literary translation. Alexandra’s work is creative and responsive to the customer’s wishes. I look forward to further cooperation. If you need a professional translation in the shortest possible time, please contact Alexandra, whom I highly recommend”.

It’s good to read that again! This was about the translation of fairy tales into English and German.


“Thank you, Alexandra, for such a fast, clear and competent translation! You’re the best translator I’ve ever met. This is a great help for my website! From now on, I only order translations from you.”

Thank you, thank you.:) This involved the translation of a dating website and various legal texts (model contracts, general terms and conditions, explanations of cookies, etc.).


“Alexandra Berlina is a specialist in the field of translation. The translation order was carried out in the shortest possible time and in very high quality. Simple and friendly contact, quick response to questions and close cooperation with the customer. Alexandra approaches the case conscientiously and goes into the smallest details of the text. The work was always carried out within the given timeframe or faster. I recommend Alexandra and hope for further cooperation.”

I don’t even know what I’ve earned so much praise for! It was only about the translation (into English) of a few expert opinions and references, employee appraisals, etc.


“Spontaneous request for the beauty fair. Absolutely competent and very pleasant. Thank you very much and see you soon!”

Ah, finally a reference for interpreting! A meeting with Russian partners on cosmetics, especially permanent make-up. I jumped in as an interpreter at very short notice: the call came the same day, and I happened to have time.


“We thank Alexandra for the incredibly fast and high-quality translation. The text also included a poem that she translated, preserving the rhymes and the complete meaning.”

This translation was only two years ago, but, unfortunately, I don’t know what it was about anymore. But at least I know I have satisfied customers!


“I have been working with Mrs. Berlina for a long time and I appreciate her excellent work as a translator and interpreter. Mrs. Berlina always fulfils the orders flawlessly and on time, or earlier! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact her. I can only recommend Mrs. Berlina to anyone who values written and oral translation. I am looking forward to the further successful cooperation!”

I particularly appreciate this assessment, as it comes from a colleague. The texts were diverse: an extract from the commercial register and a contract in Russian, a brochure in English, etc.


“Alexandra translated the information for my website from Russian into German competently, professionally and before the agreed deadlines. She also corrected the text in Russian herself, which made my work a lot easier. A professional translator! My recommendation.”

Quite specialized texts about surface materials made of stone and concrete, but also about style and design.


“Very nice and uncomplicated cooperation for several years. Fast and good translations into English and Russian. A truly reliable partner, especially when it comes to deadlines and quality of translations. Always happy with her work!”

These nice words were written by an employee of the Klett/PONS publishing house, on whose behalf I translated various teaching materials for Russian and English.


“Great work, high quality and punctual”

F&B, IT and Fintech.


Now, of course, two questions arise: why no evaluations before 2017, and why nothing about Pavel and almost nothing about interpreting? The first is easy: we’ve only been using Google Ratings since 2017. As for the second, literary translations are particularly close to our customers’ hearts; Pawel translates and interprets mainly in areas such as law, the automotive industry, high-tech and communications. But maybe we should just ask his customers for feedback!

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    98 reviews on
    31. January, 2023.
    Thanks to Alexandra Berlina for a wonderful translation
    Юлия Ш
    Юлия Ш
    22. January, 2023.
    Я любитель поэт с недельным стажем)) «Мой» муза не понимает по-русски, текст переводили на немецкий. Я восхищена, мы восхищены, перевести стих с одного языка на другой, это фактически написать новый. Александра прочувствовала меня ❤️ Скажу честно, у немецких поэтов столь красивых стихов не видела, всегда считала немецкий техническим языком . Спасибо, Александра и до очередного сотрудничества.
    Aligeidar Tagiev
    Aligeidar Tagiev
    24. December, 2022.
    Für mein zukünftiges Buch habe ich eine Übersetzerin gesucht, die meine russischen Gedichte in die deutsche Lyrik übersetzt. Nach langer Suche und verschiedenen Anläufen freue ich mich, dass ich die Übersetzerin Alexandra Berlina gefunden habe. Ich freue mich über die durchaus anspruchsvolle Übersetzungsleistung und möchte daher gerne mit Alexandra mein komplettes Buchproekt umsetzen.
    nick teplov
    nick teplov
    16. December, 2022.
    Our commission was rather specific, we asked to translate a collection of traditional folk songs for a film project. A job that requires much literary talent. The result was both precise and artistic. I should also mention that it has arrived much ahead of time. Highly recommended!
    Ulrich Bäder
    Ulrich Bäder
    18. November, 2022.
    Schnell, zuverlässig, perfekt übersetzt. Besser geht es nicht. Vielen Dank!
    irina moessle
    irina moessle
    18. November, 2022.
    Vielen Dank!! Es war wunderbar, interessant und spannend zu sehen wie meine Texte anfingen auf deutsch zu leben. Frau Berlina hat nicht nur übersetzt, sie erkannte auch den Rhythmus und die richtige Intonation und gab es weiter, was meine Texte sehr lebendig machte.
    Joseph M.
    Joseph M.
    13. October, 2022.
    Frau Berlina arbeitete zügig und ausgezeichnet beim Lektorieren eines englischen wissenschaftlichen Textes. Auf Rückfragen gab sie schnelle Rückmeldungen und verwies nach Möglichkeit immer auf entsprechende Literatur. Ich würde Frau Berlina weiterempfehlen.
    wilma berlin
    wilma berlin
    6. October, 2022.
    Frau Berlina ist phantastisch! Ihre Übersetzungen sind präzise, rhythmisch und mit Liebe zur Sprache erstellt. Frau Berlina hat mehrfach Texte für unsere Tanzkompanie in New York übersetzt. Ich bin dankbar für Ihre Zuverlässigkeit und froh, Frau Berlina gefunden zu haben!
    nina kheimets
    nina kheimets
    2. October, 2022.
    I've enjoyed Alexandra's translation services into German for a few years. She is competent, quick and highly reliable. Definitely recommended!